Access to Legal Aid Services

Improving access to legal aid services Change Project (2022-2025) 

On 1st August 2021, PFF Received funding from Federal Government of the Republic of Germany through GIZ under the Enabling Access to Justice, Civil Society Participation and Transparency (EnACT) to implement change projects. The aim of the change project is to increase and improve access to legal aid especially for vulnerable groups including women, youth and people with disabilities at Ndola Remand (with extension to Kasenshi Correctional Facility) Kamfinsa and Chingola Correctional Facilities as well as Legal Services Unity at Chingola Subordinate Court and Wusakile Police Station in Kitwe, by 2025. 

In the period ranging 1st August 2021 to 31st January 2022, PFF increased and improved access to justice in all the project sites given a total of 2657 clients who accessed legal aid services against the target of 1920. Out of the total number, 2150 were male adults, 327 adult females, 160 male juveniles and 20 female juveniles. It is worth noting that 18.9% women and juveniles were assisted on average against the average of 12%. Out of the total number, 1419 were youths disaggregated as 1240 males and 179 females while 33 were PwDs disaggregated as 26 male adults, 6 female adults and 1 male juvenile. The results are on-going up to 2025.